Foundations Memory Work Tutorials, Cycle 3 App Reviews

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It’s OK but a little too expensive.

I like most of the content on here, but there’s no timeline song… And I sure hope they update it soon with the fifth edition... I would really like to be able to review with my boys so they don’t forget anything!

App update

Is this app going to be updated to match the 5th edition or are we going to have to buy another version of this too? Also, will the timeline song be added to these apps???

Great app!

We used this app to keep up with memory work on the go. My child preferred using the app over manual flash cards, imagine that! So for reviewing previous weeks that she has already learned, this became our primary method of review combined with some quizzing randomly. FYI - Timeline song not included.

Please stop milking us

I love the CC curriculum and especially the awesome community. I finally caved and got this app one day when we had a million errands and needed to do some kind of "school" for the day. It is seriously the most money I have ever spent on an app. Why must everything connected with this company be so ridiculously expensive??? Some of us struggle to be able to afford to do this with our kids. I'm very disappointed at what I get for $16. I thought there would be much more than just a review I have to flip through. And to top it off I have to drop another $32 to get the other cycles???? It seems greedy. Offer more or lower the price.

Great but could improve

The app is great but there are a few improvements that should be made. I would love to be able to set parental settings so my child doesn’t skip ahead the weeks. He likes to scroll them in the car and then recites them in CC class. The tutor prefers he not learn the material for future weeks ahead of time. It’s hard to control him from learning when I’m driving and he’s got the iPad in the back. I know right? What a wonderful problem to have... I can’t stop my kid from learning ahead, ha! First world problems, but still. Also, it would be nice to have the timeline song and maybe even a study tracker...something that parents could use to track what days we went over material or see how many times we looked at one subject vs. others. Something to track and analyze CC study habits. Other apps do this already, it shouldn’t be difficult to add to this app. I also liked the other reviewers idea of adding games or quizzes to test the knowledge. That would be wonderful! Thank you to the developers at CC for making this app. It’s great! Yes, it’s pricey but you’re paying for the work it took to make this and for making life easier to teach with this app. Though I wish there was a discount for having bought all 3 apps. :)

Needs a Visual Depiction of Memory Work

I think the app desperately needs a visual list of memory work to accompany the videos. I just want to quiz the kids with my $16 app and can’t do it without playing and pausing the video. Also, please optimize the app for iPhone X.


I like the extra visual effects that the app gives during review (especially in science). I wish it had the timeline song on it though.

Needs the Timeline and States/Capital songs!!

I'd give it 5 stars if it had these 2 songs. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE add these songs!!


I feel like for $16 dollar this falls really short! Like why does it just read the time line stuff for the week instead of reading and singing. Same with the states. I also wish that we could hit play once we pick our week and it would play everything from that week. This is a $4 dollar app for $16

Nice to have on the go, but missing the songs

I appreciate having all of our cycle 3 memory work available to us wherever we go, but for such a pricey app, I would really expect for it to include the Timeline songs.

Great App!

I purchased this app recently and I think it was very well done! The graphics are amazing and the layout is user friendly. I think the purpose of this app is for the kids to be able to review their memory work independently, which it does accomplish this. We are very happy with this purchase. My son says it is "awesome," so that makes me very happy. I don't know if this is true, but I think it may be more on the pricey side because of all the copyrighted material it contains. The reason I gave it 4 stars instead of 5 is because I think it would be neat if it included little games or "tests" that the kids could use to make a challenge for them. Otherwise, the app is another way for us to enjoy CC and reinforce what they are learning.


It Helps me learn so much.but I wish they had the timeline song.

The Pros and Cons

All the foundations information is there and a little bit more (or less) depending on how you look at it. I bought this over the Audio CDs for few reasons: 1)because it's more mobile, 2) it has visuals for my kids, and 3) I thought it would have all the information the Audio CDs did. I LOVE the science snippets to give a little more info on the answer to the science question. The history highlights are so great, giving good background history and extending the information. I also love the visuals that go with each slide, it helps a ton to keep my kids interested. With that said there could be some improvements in my opinion. I find it's lacking these two items. -the timeline song -the states and capitols song. Hope this can be updated!

Needs to include the Timeline song!

My kids were so disappointed when we spent $16 on the app and it doesn't even include the timeline song! They couldn't wait and then it's not even on the app. The rest of the features aren't bad. But I guess next time it'll teach me to read reviews before spending to much on an app!! The pice is too high not to have the timeline song. You guys should really do an update and include it!!!!! Especially since you're charging people so much to download your app. Very disappointing.

Not as expected

I was told this was a great tool to use in place of the more expensive CDs, but I am disappointed I have spent $16 on this. The States song and the Timeline song are not available on here! You have to physically tap a button for each subject's lesson, so there is no option to just "let it play in the background," as has been suggested to me. The President song is here but ends with Obama… obviously an update to include Trump has not been thought of in 8 months! I wish there was an option to listen to all of each weeks lessons in a row, or even play one subject's lessons from week 1 on for review. For such an expensive app I expected more options and the main songs! I don't feel like this app is sufficient to replace any of the materials CC requires. Which further prompts me to ask- are we being taken advantage of with the requirements to purchase so many expensive materials? Please update.

Please update

Please update the Presidents song.

More Please!

Our boys love the interactivity, it is so intuitive for them. The app allows us to review material more quickly than online and more frequently so we have more time to dive into the material. The visuals are critical for subjects like geography where I find the animation better explains locations than 2-D maps. We would have ended last year stronger if we were able to use the app throughout the year over breaks. The app is so quick and easy! Over summer break we reviewed by subject and I really saw us fill in the gaps. Maybe you have to set up a passcode if you're concerned about non registered families, but it's worth the risk, think how CC is being introduced to families who may have never heard otherwise. Please, please, please put on the cycle 1 app soon. More Please! *****update***** I agree with other users: These apps are expensive for little interactivity and are the same as the online tutorial included with subscription Please UPDATE with changes like quizzes that keep track of mastery, include more songs like the timeline song weekly segments. My enthusiasm at first was merely in contrast to the desktop version. Please update and we will update our review! :)

Update Presidents Song

Love it! I use it for tutoring my class sometimes for easy access to History songs. Just need to update the Presidents song on all three cycles to include 45th president. Pretty pleeeeeaaase!! :)

Love CC, not so much the app

The app is nice in that all the memory work it all there visually as well as songs (EXCEPT the timeline song which is pretty disappointing) but I'm already paying premium for the wonderful CC community and program. Why do they have to capitalize off everything? Timeline song or not $15.99 is unreasonable. I can understand 9.99 at most even but $15.99 just seems wrong.

Great for CC Families

This is a useful tool for families that participate in CC. My kids use it daily to review memory work.

A Decent Start

While most of the information is there, many of the songs are absent by category. Only math and history currently play their respective tunes. Also the infamous timeline does not state the times?? To whom much is paid ($16), much is expected...

Awesome app

This app is awesome! My children did their memory work review on their own! Love the fact that once you download it you don't have to have wi-fi to use it, so you can review as you drive! My kids enjoyed all the pictures. This made it super easy to use for my Kindergarten who wasn't reading yet.

Needs the songs

This app is ok. It is desperately lacking things like the timeline song, however. Also, quizzes, review games, & something to keep track of mastery would be so helpful.

It's OK

My sister, mom and I would really like this game to be more interactive... The history highlights are cool though😃😃😃

Mrs black awesome for doing memory work

Mrs black if u are reading I love it my mom likes it for us too Thx for adding it


I'm a foundation student and this has been soooo helpful. I love it, it has been great.😄😄


Very useful for our family. It is another way to review, not an all-inclusive bells-and-whistles kind of app. According to other reviews, apparently people expect every CC resource to be included and then some for $16, but considering how much the other offered resources cost, that is an unreasonable expectation. Find out what's included and see if it fits your family's way of studying. We use it in the car or as an easy way to run through a few weeks in a short amount of time. My daughter wants me to make sure that I say, and I quote, "My kids find it totally awesome." :)


I enjoy being able to give my non reader a visual and audio app to study when the others are taking a nap and on car rides. The major downfall to this app is not having songs for all subjects. She learns the history sentences best due to the songs in the app. I would especially like to see the timeline song. It would be nice if cc would also incorporate some of the popular songs on cc connect to aide in memorization for those that love music.

It is ok

I like having everything organized in this app, but I wish the songs were included. I am disappointed that I can not family share this app that I have purchased onto other devices in our family, like you can with other apps.

Too much for not enough

If you are going to charge $16 for an app if should include EVERYTHING! I really hope someone from CC is reading these reviews and they make adequate changes.

Great addition

I'll start with saying it's the most expensive app most of us will ever buy, right? Because it truly is! However, I keep buying them every single year, so clearly it's worth the price. For each and every complaint listed in the reviews, there is an obvious answer- CC is a business. It isn't considered a business in our homes, but it most definitely is a for-profit business. They don't release the app at the beginning of the year because people would replace face to face teaching with sticking their kids in front of yet another electronic device, and also, so many people wouldn't buy the books/cards/CDs. This app is a great ADDITION to your already purchased supplies. If C3 is a better option, then use that. If you are time sensitive, use this. I personally think c3 is a waste of money for months on end. I download what I need and cancel the service. After paying for an entire year several years ago, I realized THAT was the real money waster- not the $15 app. You'll enjoy this app, and it's a great distraction from Angry Birds. ;)

Missing key songs & info

Considering the high cost this app (and that it cost more than Cycle 2 app) this should have included the timeline song and information on the back of the timeline cards...I should have read the reviews before purchase. If I refund were available I would request it.


I was hoping this app would offer me new information. I have a foundations guide, timeline cards, CDs, and I'm a member of CCC so I already had access to all of this information. $14.99 is more than I have ever spent on any app and it has no advantage to purchase over products I already have. Wish it was a little more interactive. Also, had this been available to me at the beginning of the cycle rather than a quarter of the way through it, it might have been more useful as I might not have paid to buy the timeline cards or CDs (although this isn't as good as either of these).

Needs improvement

Once again, more of the same. This is so very similar to the app you put out 3 years ago. Disappointed that you continue to leave out the timeline song, which is integral to our memory work. It would be nice to have a scroll bar to rewind a little instead of having to restart every time. The only good thing I have to say is, "Thanks for getting this out 25% of the way into our school year." I use it a lot.

Love it!

The cycle apps are great for Classical Conversations Foundations memory work review. There are no games, but I didn't want or need it to have games. All the history, Latin, and math songs are in the app, as well as the history and science "snippets." A previous reviewer said the songs are not on there but she is mistaken. The only official CC song not on it is the Timeline song. The presidents song is in week 24.

Classical conversations

I have to agree with the other reviews! It is very little info for the price and I thought I remembered in the catalog that it would have the presidents song and timeline songs and it does not. If you are a CC member you should have access to this and cc connected without these extra fees. On a positive note it is easy to access the info that is in there. Not sure if I would purchase another one or recommend it.

Just right for me

I found we used the cycle 2 app more often than our audio CDs, so I decided to forego the purchase of the Cycle 3 audio CDs and wait for the app. As this app was downloading, I was disappointed to read the reviews stating that the songs were missing. My quick look at this Cycle 3 app tells me it is set up much the same as Cycle 2, so I'm happy with it. The timeline song is not on here, but the weekly look at the cards is. The presidents song is included, as well as math and history songs. For the reviewer who stated this should be on CC it. Look for Student Tutorials when you log in. It looks identical to me. If you see this review soon, you may have time to return your app purchase. Since I don't use anything but the tutorial on CC connected, I will now cancel my subscription and just use this app.

It's ok

The app is strictly verbal review for memorization. That is fine except I have a four year old who thrives on all the different songs we've been doing in class. This would be so much better if it could be connected to the CC Connected sharing site or have a way to download the songs to the app for the different subjects. It feels like I am spending money on all these different things to help and it'd be great to be able to consolidate them.

Where are all the songs?

The timeline song is missing as well as a song for each of the memory work items. We were pretty bummed about that. My kids also wish there was a little more interaction. The positives: it has pretty pictures and is very easy to use. Overall, we wish it had been done a little differently.


I like it alot but wish it would sing timeline.


First time to download CC app. In general, this is just a visual version of the audio CDs that we have already purchased. I am also a paying member of CC connected, and honestly, I think this information should be included in CC connected or as part of your community membership. Although this app gives you a well organized place to go for most of the grammar presented in Foundations cycle 3, I feel it presents very little to people who are already paying members of a CC community. I would have liked to see: a) a game format for reinforcement of materials. b) the ability to click on visuals for more info. (ie: timeline cards if clicked on would give you the history of that card/event) c) more music (ie: the states and capital song) None of these are currently present. In my opinion, this is a rather expensive app that offers very little new to CC families. However, if you are not part of a CC community, this app would be an inexpensive way to gain access to a great deal of CC materials.

No interaction

Merely a voice reading the information a subject and week at a time


This app is good for review since it is formatted by subject. However, to use it daily for the CC Memory Work is not user-friendly because it lacks the ability to choose by week rather than by subject. I hope that we will soon see an update with the suggested changes.


I have both AMAZING apps made by Classical Conversations. I am learning like I never learned before, about history, geography, etc., etc. These apps are chalked FULL of information. They are beautifully written and very thorough!!!! They run so smoothly!! They are my favorite two apps, and I own hundreds!!!! I will buy any apps Classical Conversations makes!!!!

No timeline!?

I bought this app knowing that it is for cycle 3, but with math and timeline being the same I figured it would still be great for on the go! I am not sure why there is no seems to me that the timeline is part of their memory work, so in my opinion this app is incomplete. I do think 3 stars is a little harsh because it is an excellent app otherwise. If the timeline was on it I would certainly give it 5 stars. I would for sure purchase a cycle 1 app if it were to come out!

Cycle 1?

Would love a cycle 1 update before the next semester.

Cycle 1 update?

This app was WONDERFUL to take with us on the road. PLEASE put out Cycle 1 at the beginning of the year (now, not waiting until the end of the year)

Don't let us down

Since this app plays the flash tutorial on the web page that is free if you are not on an apple device, why not let it display the other 2 cycles as well? Especially since the app is so pricey. I thought CC was there for the parents. I don't mind paying but not over and over for the same thing. great app though.

Love it

We really love this app and wanted to use it for Cycle 1 this year... Problem is there isn't a Cycle 1 app? :( Can we fix this?!

Cycle 1?

I have had no trouble with this app. I'm wondering if they will include Cycle 1 as an upgrade or if it will be a completely different app, costing the same as Cycle 3. I would also suggest a change: let the user choose a subject and a week without it automatically playing Week 1.

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